Workshop Invitation

A week after I submitted my query, I checked my email. I didn’t have an email from the agent, but I did have one from the event coordinator of my SCBWI chapter. She asked if I would lead a workshop this spring! I am so excited. I have wanted to lead some workshops or classes, and this is the push I need.

According to the theme, we’re supposed to include a creative life aspect. I am thinking of including art—drawing or painting or something. I’m an amateur artist, but I love to incorporate drawing into my creative process. I hope that I can do something with it that would be relevant to both PB authors and novelists. I’m contemplating storyboarding, but I’ve actually never done that, so we’ll see. (Unless you count the story being told in scenes drawn in detail over a couple of years as a storyboard.) Maybe we’ll do something on scenes . . .

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