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Map Workshop

I thought I’d take a moment to share a resource I’ve found both enjoyable and helpful. I have often felt intimidated by drawing maps of my created worlds, but doing Holly Lisle’s Maps Workshop helped me realize how simple sketching a map can be (and that it doesn’t have to look professional or pretty to […]

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Have I mentioned this before? I once read a book recommended to me for its amazing world-building. The world-building was pretty awesome EXCEPT for the metaphors. The book was written in 3rd person, but even in 3rd person, the metaphors should be appropriate to the characters and world. The author kept comparing things to situations […]

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They’re Forbidden for a Reason

At the conference, the agent who critiqued my manuscript told me to scrap the prologue (she was very nice about it). :::kicks feet::: Yes, I knew prologues were forbidden when I wrote it . . . My problem isn’t so much prologues. It’s world-building. How on earth do I convey all the necessary world-building information […]

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