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While I write Part II and while Part I sits with various readers (go readers!), I’ve been doing some research. I believe my mom (go Mom!) is the one who gave me the link to the Query Shark blog. Since I have very little idea how to write a query, I’ve been reading the archives. […]

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The Worst Thing that Ever Happened

Yesterday, as I sat at the coffee shop, a group of girls came and sat at the table next to mine. Most of them had just started their first year of college while at least one is embarking on her senior of high school. I couldn’t help perking up to parts of their conversation. It […]

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Writer’s Guide to the Military

For years, I have been doing research into military and military training programs, just to get ideas as I formulate my own military. I haven’t done any primary research–it’s all been secondary (see April 22’s post to learn why 😉 ), and I have been quite disappointed. The encyclopedia, non-fiction library books, and kids informative […]

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