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I Signed a Book Contract!

Be the first to get release news and book updates! Here’s the story: Several years ago, when I was a still a new mom, my parents paid for me to go to one of the local SCBWI writing retreats. I dropped my husband and daughter off at my sister-in-law’s so she could help with the […]

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5 Days of Tips for Busy Writers

Hey everybody! I am super excited to launch my email newsletter (finally!) just in time for NaNoWriMo. Most of the time, I’ll send a newsletter every month or two with writing tips, writing updates, and the latest from my blog. But every so often, like now, I’ll have a little more for you. I asked […]

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Newsletter Coming Soon!

Well, I am finally taking the time to create a newsletter. Stay tuned! I’m hoping to have the newsletter be relevant for both writers and readers, although I may need to separate the two. If you have anything in particular you’d love to see in a newsletter, as a reader or a writer, leave me […]

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