My First In-Person Workshop!

This June, I had the opportunity to lead my first in-person story workshop for ages 8-13. I had a blast. All of the organizers were wonderful, and the venue was beautiful. I was a little nervous about leading a 4 1/2 hour workshop because of my health, but with my wheelchair, it went fine.

The kids were so creative and so much fun. At the end, we had a Q&A session, and I got asked questions like what’s my favorite color. I also had the help of a wonderful teacher friend, who had great ideas for how to organize things. I’m so excited for my next workshop! If you would like to host a workshop, either in-person or virtual, contact me! I also offer author events where I talk about being an author and kids can ask questions.

To respect privacy, I haven’t posted any pictures with people’s faces.

P.S. Don’t forget to spread the word about the fundraiser for my English classrooms this year!

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