You could win a virtual chat with me!

If you enter today, you’ll have a chance to win a 55-minute virtual story consultation OR a 55-minute or less virtual school visit. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Football plays a huge roll in Best Friends Playbook. The main character’s favorite team is the Green Bay Packers (inspired by my husband). Do you follow sports? Do you have a favorite sports teams?

When I was a kid, I didn’t follow much sports because I didn’t really understand it. When I got to highschool, we moved to San Antonio, Texas. You couldn’t live in SA at the time and not be a Spurs fan. The whole city was full of, “Go, Spurs, Go!” I had been to one game in junior high. I actually understood it and loved it the excitement. In college, the basketball games were the ones I frequented most. I don’t keep up with sports much now (we don’t have a TV set up), but I still like to find out how the Spurs are doing.

Fun story: While in college, a group of us went to a ice hockey game in the neighboring city. My friend and I both brought our knitting. We got some funny looks. 🙂

I don’t think I can mention sports, without mentioning my Granny. She loved the Dallas Cowboys. We knew not to call on a Sunday afternoon because she didn’t want the Cowboys game interrupted. 🙂 I often think of her when I watch football.

Don’t forget to register for tomorrow’s live event!

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