A Few of My Favorites

Here are the titles of a few of my favorite Korean shows thus far: 

Memories of the Alhambra (AMAZING! There were actually a few unexplained things in the plot and worldbuilding, but the story was so good, I didn’t care. I generally don’t like horror because it feels kind of icky, but I like the thrill/excitement aspect. Memories of the Alhambra had all the fun parts of horror/thriller without the ickiness.) 

Crash Landing on You (I got the soundtrack to this one; the music really made it. I loved the characters so much. Except the nasty ones. I didn’t like those, but I wasn’t supposed to. 🙂 ) 

Hello? Me! (This was such a sweet story. It had laugh out-loud moments and also made me cry.) 

My Holo Love (Another fun one. Contrary to the title, there was a lot more to it than just a love story.) 

Mystic Pop-Up Bar (Again, I really liked the characters. There was a strong family aspect, which I really liked, and it was just a lot of fun.) 

Sisyphus: The Myth (This one was like Matrix meets Terminator meets I Am Legend [the movie], and it was awesome.) 

I will add a warning that some of these shows were a lot gorier than I prefer, but it generally wasn’t enough to turn me off of the show (although I didn’t finish Was It Love? or Abyss because of the violence). One thing I’ve liked is that the shows have been generally pretty clean, and if there are swear words I don’t understand them ’cause they’re in Korean. I have loved the sweetness of the romances and that romance was generally not the main plot. Character growth was.

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