What I’ve Been Doing for the Last Year

(at least part of it)

Well, I haven’t been around much for the past year due to some health issues. All the bed rest gave me lots of time for trying out some new shows. A Korean show kept popping up on my streaming platform as a recommended show, so I gave it a try. I’ve been watching sooooooo many Korean shows since. 

At first, I found the shows just really creative and fresh. I have not been impressed with US shows for awhile now; they just seem repetitive and so similar to each other. A lot of these Korean shows have been really original and creative, at least for me.  

I watched a few Chinese shows, too, which I also enjoyed, but I noticed that I picked up Korean words a lot more easily than the Chinese words. A friend, who had spent a semester in Korea and another semester in China, told me the Korean alphabet was actually pretty easy to learn and that Korean was a phonetic language. So that was another reason for me to watch Korean shows; it was a new language to learn. 

I’ve been using Mango Languages for practice. My favorite resource (and how I learned the Korean alphabet) is 90 Day Korean.

Learning Korean has encouraged me in my own constructed language. My language is a contextual language, but I got discouraged thinking that wasn’t even possible. Well Korean is a contextual language! Woohoo!

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