I Signed a Book Contract!

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Here’s the story:

Several years ago, when I was a still a new mom, my parents paid for me to go to one of the local SCBWI writing retreats. I dropped my husband and daughter off at my sister-in-law’s so she could help with the baby and headed into the mountains for a little “me time” as a writer.

I didn’t need help with my WIP at the time (Edit: I wasn’t ready for help yet with my WIP–I definitely needed help with it!), so I dusted off my creative thesis from graduate school to send to workshop. I’d worked on the piece with three mentors, so mostly the feedback I got was that it was in good shape. I did need help with it, but I needed help with the ending, not the beginning. I was a little annoyed with myself for taking such a polished piece; it felt like a waste. I definitely enjoyed the retreat, though, and made some good connections.

This year has been a tough year on a personal level as I searched for work while my husband tried to recover from a work-related back injury. There isn’t much around for a writer that will actually pay the bills, so we took a leap of faith and worked on business from home.

Around May, the former regional advisor for the Montana SCBWI contacted me. She had been in my workshop group at that retreat and had remembered I had a middle grade story. She told me about her new publishing company, Chicken Scratch Books, and asked if I had a middle grade story to submit.

I took out my story and managed to find the drafts that had been missing for years! I was finally able to put together a draft that fit with my vision for the story but used all the wonderful things I’d learned at grad school.

After several months of back-and-forth and a round of revisions, I was offered a contract! It came at a great time, since the month of November has been full of challenge and heartache in our home.

This writing journey has been a long one, but it’s been one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I’m so thankful to all the friends and family who have supported me over the years. Thanks!

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