You might think since I can’t go anywhere right now, I would have a lot of time for writing. That isn’t the case. I once said, “If you’re going to be money-poor, you’d better be time-rich.” I still think that’s true. Cooking from scratch is less expensive than buying convenience food, but it takes time. So do all the dishes! Especially when you don’t have a dishwasher. And then there are the things like boiling, distilling, and filtering rain-water and well-water to drink (because we usually purchase drinking water), milling wheat for flour, incubating yogurt, making homemade yeast starter, and all those things that keep us alive. Oh, and stoking the wood fire because it is strangely cold considering the mild winter we had. And, of course, there has been the income search.

So I haven’t had much time for writing, but I haven’t minded too much. What I have minded is being so busy keeping my family alive that I haven’t had much time to spend with them. So last night, we had homemade pizza, some ice cream from the freezer that needed to be used, and watched a show. It was very nice.

Some people think all writers are introverts who are happier to be alone than with people, but I don’t know that I’ve ever met a single writer who preferred to be alone all the time. They are often introverts in how they process information, but they are quite social. So this is hard on writers, too.

I hope that all of you, dear readers, are well during this crazy time. We’ve been praying for our nation and the world and all those affected. I hope during this time that your community grows stronger as we help each other and try to prevent the spread of this virus. If you feel stumped about how to survive, I’ve gotten pretty good at improvising over the years and might be able to encourage you. Feel free to leave a message if you need some encouragement. There are also lots of helpful how-to videos online, I’m told. May God watch over and care for you during this time.

Happy writing!

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