People, we have a workable draft!

The whole no-home-Internet thing has made updating my blog more challenging. I also find that my life is really busy in a good way right now. I’m teaching (including a Creative Writing class for middle schoolers–so excited!), doing homesteady-survive-in-the-country type things (including putting up garden produce and unfortunately, shoveling years-old dog feces out of the basement of the house we’re renting), and (drum roll please) REVISING!!!!

I may actually, possibly, one can very excitedly hope, have a workable draft of the Epic Novel. Have I mentioned that I believe I finally, after so much searching, have found the beginning of my story? It was 100,000 words further along than I thought. XD That’s right: I cut 100,000 from the beginning of my story. Some people seem horrified by this. I mean, 100,000 words is a lot of work. However, I needed to write it. Now I know the specifics of what happened in military training so I can reference things clearly without worrying I’ll get my details mixed up or confused. And if cutting those 100,000 words is what it takes to make my story the best it can be, then ABSOLUTELY I will cut 100,000 words.

I’ve also cut a lot of characters, including the lovable shepherd and the computer genius little sister. They still exist and affect the overall happenings of the world. I just don’t have room to include them. It’s sad, but oh my goodness, the story works so much better now.

So now, I am on to the more technical revisions, like making sure characters are memorable and that my medical events and military ranks are consistent and accurate. I haven’t been at this stage in forever. I hardly know what to do with myself.


Because, obviously, I’m long-winded. . . .

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