Why Spider-Man is My Favorite Superhero

*no spoilers*

First, note that I have never read comics, so all my superhero knowledge comes solely from TV shows and movies, which I know can be very different from the comics.

Spider-Man has long been my favorite superhero, but I could never put my finger on why. I mean, the cartoon I watched as a kid was kind of depressing. The populace was always against Spider-Man, and he was always contemplating quitting. I couldn’t figure out myself why I liked Spider-Man, much less articulate it to others.


Then I went to see Into the Spiderverse. What a good movie. And so fun. The only other people in the theater were about seven middle school boys dotted here and there, and I’m pretty sure I got some stares as I laughed heartily (who’s that weird lady watching a kids’ movie by herself?). That is probably my favorite rendition of Spider-Man, although I confess to really liking the Toby McGuire version (we don’t talk about the third one). I’m not alone in that as the first Toby McGuire Spider-Man TIED WITH FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING for the people’s choice best movie. Obviously, at some point, lots of other people liked it, too.

But anyway, after seeing Into the Spiderverse, I think I can say why Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. He’s an everyday guy. Someone recently told me they liked Batman because he was a normal guy without superpowers. I beg to differ. He has limitless funds. That’s his superpower. He also has Alfred and Robin. 🙂

Spider-Man doesn’t have Alfred. He doesn’t have Professor X; he doesn’t have Zordon. It’s just him, a highschool/college guy trying to do the right thing with a heavy burden. He struggles to make ends meet. He’s snarky, but he has heart. So yeah, he has a few super powers, but overall, he’s just a regular guy. And life is pretty hard on him.

That’s how I feel. I’ve made the best decisions I can with what I have. I’ve worked to serve others and to use my powers and abilities for good. Yet I struggle to make ends meet. Life has been hard on me. I can relate to him.

So I think I’m going to put a picture of Spider-Man up in my office for inspiration. Also, I plan to watch Into the Spiderverse again as soon as possible. Although, contrary to a recent dream I had, I will not blow off a dear friend I haven’t seen in over a year in order to go to a matinee showing. XD

1 Comments on “Why Spider-Man is My Favorite Superhero”

  1. I agree that Peter Parker is one of the best superhero! I was watching TUSM the other day and Peter said a quote that is similar to, “I can’t be the ultimate Spider-man before I learn how to be the ultimate Peter Parker.” He was young, yet he had a big responsibility, and yet he cared so much about people.
    Let’s talk about superheroes even further! Your writing magnificent! Such a fan.

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