Thoughts on Voltron Season Seven–which was terrible (personal opinion)

Since I was so vocal about loving Voltron, I figured I should write another post after watching the seventh season, but it’s been hard to get my thoughts organized. Basically, the seventh season was terrible (again, personal opinion).

*the following contains spoilers!*

I was really surprised when I heard there was a seventh season. I honestly thought the sixth season was the end. I mean, what better way to end the show than with the words, “We’re going home”? All the arcs had been cleared up and the main villain taken care of. Sure, there would be some battles to come, but the war was basically over.

So in season seven, they had to create new arcs and problems, and it didn’t work well. One of the great things about Voltron was the way each episode focused on one or two characters. They handled the large cast incredibly well. They lost that skill in season seven. The first several episodes had far too many characters to keep track of, much less to follow in a meaningful way. Some of them disappeared inexplicably for most of the season, and some of them probably ought to have just been killed off/left dead *coughShirocough* because they didn’t do anything.

As the season progressed, the focus shifted to Earth, which is arguably where they should have begun Season Seven in the first place. The story followed the Galaxy Garrison as it prepared for the Galra to invade Earth. A really interesting new cast of special fighter pilots were introduced. Okay, I thought, they’re going to phase out the paladins and phase these pilots in. As much as I love the paladins, it seemed like time. But then, they didn’t. We hardly got to know these awesome new characters at all. As soon as the paladins showed up, the focus was back on them, but they didn’t seem true to their characters.

And then there were the forced plot points. They introduced a romantic relationship for one of the characters just so he could lose someone in the battle for Earth, but he didn’t seem all that shook up about it. In addition, he’d seemed to me like the kind of person who wouldn’t be in a relationship, at least not at this stage of life. I was super surprised. I think it would have worked better if it had been a family member (a brother or something), but even if it had been, it was still pretty forced. They also introduced a superfluous terminal illness that had never come up before and never came up again.

Those are just the major issues. There was also the military leader who BETRAYED ALL OF EARTH AND CAUSED DOZENS OF DEATHS but was still given honor at the memorial ceremony. I’m sorry, no. She was a traitor TO THE ENTIRE PLANET and got better than she deserved.

Oh, and how is it that at the height of the Galra Empire, the Empire had only two Zaiforge cannons, and yet in the space of a couple years, the remnants of the Empire were able to build SIX with what they could scavenge from Earth?

I also felt like they messed up the whole beauty of the Shiro/Keith relationship, partly by having an in-depth episode of their backstory, which was completely unneeded as we had learned everything we needed to know in season six in a super compelling amazing way. We didn’t need it rehashed in a completely uncompelling and poorly written way. And in the end, Keith had to save Shiro. AGAIN.

I tried the first couple episodes of season eight but decided it wasn’t worth it. It was starting to have the feeling of the third season of The Flash: How many times can we mess up the universe to make it even worse than it already was? It was getting too epic.

*end of spoilers*

So to be clear, when I say I love Voltron and it’s the best show ever, I refer solely to seasons 1-6. This has been a public service announcement. Thank you. 😉

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