My Backstory

#WIPJoy Day 2: Your own backstory and goals

I have been making up stories since I can remember. Before I knew how to write, I drew my stories with stick figures on pads of paper. I didn’t begin to read books on my own (as opposed to for school or being read to) until I was in about 3rd grade. At age 12, I remember standing in my library, looking out at all the books with no idea what to pick up. I decided then to be a published author. I wanted to write good books that readers could feel confident about. I often said I couldn’t find the book I wanted to read, so I would just have to write it myself.

One of my goals as I pursued writing was to be like Lloyd Alexander and write a ton of books. I love finding authors I enjoy and reading everything they’ve written. I’m often disappointed when I read a really good book only to find the author never wrote another.

The problem is, there’s a story that I feel compelled to tell. It’s taking me a long time to write as I’ve been learning a lot about how to write well and have had to start over several times. I still hope to write many books, but at the moment, I just want to finally finish this book.

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