Character Relationships (more Voltron)

Relationships between characters are really important. You can have a few great characters, but if their interactions are cardboard or inauthentic or just badly done, it doesn’t work. I really like the situation of Star Trek Voyager, and I love individual characters, but in Deep Space Nine, I love the way all the characters work together. I love their relationships.

Back to Voltron. 😀 That show has some of the best character relationships. In the core group, they don’t always get along, they often squabble, but they always have each others’ backs, and they have fun together. Their relationships feel like real people relationships (do you get along with all your friends 100% of the time?).

Here are some of my favorites:

Friendship relationships: I absolutely love Hunk and Pidge. They work so well together and play off each other so well. They have good banter, too. Their skills also compliment each other. I enjoy when they interact and how they almost speak a language the other characters don’t understand.

Sibling relationships: Pidge and Matt is one of my favorite sibling relationships in fiction. They didn’t get along perfectly, but they really enjoyed each others’ company. They also make a good team. I love how they look after each other but also give each other the space they need to do what they are supposed to do.

Shiro and Kieth. I don’t even know what to say except that I cry. Definitely. I love that relationship. I love that they can be so close and love each other so strongly. I don’t know why, but in fiction, the kind of relationship that gets me to my core is really strong friendships between males. Again, I don’t know why. That’s probably why I just wrote a short story about two male best friends in a POW camp and why the current working title of my epic novel is Brother. 😉

So character relationships is another thing Voltron does well.

AND IT’S AN AMAZING SHOW AND YOU SHOULD WATCH IT, but only if you like that kind of thing. BUT IT’S REALLY GOOD.

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