The Most Perfect Story–because of characters!

(I tried to avoid spoilers, but be forewarned!)

Voltron might be the most perfect story I’ve ever experienced (personal taste, of course). I love fantasy and sci-fi, especially when they blend. I love deep emotion and meaningful tears–not just wrench-your-heart-out junk but when characters have meaningful relationships that are sweet and sometimes bitter. But I also love to laugh, and the jokes and goofiness are just right. They’re even juxtaposed well.

But what I love the best? The characters. I seldom like all the characters in a story, but Voltron comes close. I have a hard time picking a favorite. I think Pidge tops the list, probably because she’s the way I have often wished I were. She’s a computer wiz, smart, spunky, and fun. And she’s always reprogramming robots to be sidekicks. I love sidekicks!

But Keith has made it to my all-time favorite characters ever list. I didn’t like him at first, but as he grew, I loved his storyline and character arc. He has flaws, but he works through them. What cinched it for me, though, was his relationship with Shiro.

I love Shiro. I love how he has that strong leadership where he always seems to know the answers and care for everyone–and yet, he’s so vulnerable. He makes mistakes, sometimes, too. He is an amazing leader while still being human.

And of course, I couldn’t do without Hunk. I wish I were Pidge, but I would probably be Hunk. πŸ˜€ “Can we go home now?” I love his culinary skill and how, even though he struggles and is afraid, he is always right there with everyone and willing to stand up for what’s right, even if others aren’t.

I even really like Coran. He’s the hilarious guidebook. He’s a great character. He offers age and wisdom, but he’s so silly that it doesn’t take away from the leadership of the younger characters. Perfect.

I couldn’t stand Lance for while, but his growth is pretty awesome, too. I’m not as fond of Allura, but I don’t dislike her. They’re just all amazing. And all the peripheral characters are amazing, too. Some of my favorite character relationships are in this show.

IT’S JUST AN AMAZING SHOW AND YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. Personal opinion, of course. πŸ˜€

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