The Wrong MC Again

I’ve had an idea percolating for awhile. I typed up the first 20 pages for a workshop. The response I got surprised me.

To be vague, the story followed a teenage girl who had some crazy stuff happen and some special abilities manifested (it’s sci-fi). She met a man with abilities like hers who had a mysterious data disk that had information regarding people like them.

The comments from the workshop group were generally very positive. They liked the characters and the world. However, they wanted more of what happened to the girl when life went crazy. What were the events leading up to that? How did she cope? Did the society at large know about people like her? Did they reject people like her? Was that a fear she had?

All their questions were spot on–if the teenage girl was the main character. I realized with a bit of shock that she wasn’t. The man with the disk was. You see, once they met up, they joined an underground resistance movement and a whole lot of epic stuff happened. It wasn’t a coming-of-age story. It was a save-the-world story.

So apparently this wrong MC thing is a recurring issue of mine. 🙂

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