New Year, New Venture

I hope you all enjoyed my series on visualization.

This year is starting a bit crazy for me. I took a job as an adjunct English professor! I have often dreamed of teaching college English, but it was more of a “sometime, down the line” idea. I feel in some ways like I’m learning to swim by being thrown in the ocean.

Something really surprised me, though. I enjoy teaching! This is fun. When I was growing up, the one thing I always said I didn’t want to do was teach. Teaching runs in the family, and I think I wanted to do something different. Teaching is also a certain amount terrifying.

But I really enjoy it! I love sharing what I know and the things I’ve learned to make me the writer I am today. I’ve never enjoyed a job quite like this. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more once I’ve got the wrinkles ironed out.

The challenge now will be finding time to write! Even just a couple of classes take a lot of prep work and grading. I hope to still keep up with this blog.

Happy Writing everyone!

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