Movie Trailers

I love imagining movie trailers. I’m a visual person, and I always see my stories acted out like a movie in my head. For me, making a movie trailer comes more easily than writing a synopsis, but it serves a similar purpose. It helps me focus on the meat of the story. What is the story really about?

If I’m really trying to focus and hash things out, I’ll write a kind of transcript for the movie trailer. For me, they usually consist of mysterious, simple music and quotes from the story rather than a voice over.

Sometimes, I get ambitious and actually make a video using my sketches and my own music. They’re generally disappointing since they aren’t nearly as good as what’s in my head, but they can be a whole lot of fun. I’m impatient and low-tech, so I just take poor quality photos of my sketches with a digital camera and download them on the computer. The only person I’m doing this for is me, so it doesn’t have to be spectacular. 🙂

Over Christmas break my freshman year of college, I was just being introduced to Window’s Movie Maker. I dug out my old fashion dolls (all characters from movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Disney princesses) and took stills of them. I then put them together as my first movie trailer. I showed it to my roommate, and she died laughing. It wasn’t exactly the response I was looking for, but at least she liked it. 🙂

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