Back when I had Microsoft Office, I used Publisher ALL the time. One of my favorite features was the calendars. I can tell you the exact date for most events in my story because of those calendars. I picked a year to correspond with the year of my story and printed a calendar for that year. I like to print one with lots of room to write. I always write in pencil.

I keep the calendar in my story folder (remember, I’m a long-hand writer) and consult it as I write. I jot down the date of particular events. I also can keep track of cyclical things and moon phases as well as character’s birthdays. (Birthdays are important to me.)

I actually have a separate calendar just with characters’ birthdays and anniversaries, including very secondary characters who have been completely cut out of the story. XD With that calendar, I chose a template where I could add my own pictures. I included sketches from my story, which made consulting the calendar lots of fun.

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