I love making up songs. They may not be any good, but they help me to think and work out characters’ emotions. Sometimes, I make up “inspired by” songs. You know, songs that aren’t actually in the soundtrack but have to do with particular scenes or emotions.

I also have a running soundtrack for my story. I’ve written instrumental pieces for scenes as though the story were a movie. I’ve also written folk songs and pop songs that exist within the story.

After a basic intro class, I taught myself to play guitar in highschool. My MC also plays guitar and works as a minstrel, so I love writing songs on the guitar. I’ve written a few for him to sing, and those are fun. Probably not what a tenor would sing, but hey! They help me think.

I’ve recorded some of these songs, just using the microphone on my computer, and compiled them into a playlist I can listen to while I think and revise.

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