I express emotion through music. It’s only natural that I express my characters’ emotions through music, as well. I do that in a couple of ways.

When I hear a song on the radio that reminds me of a character or a scene from my story, I tuck it away. When I get the chance, I buy it or legally download it for free from my library. I have a whole playlist of songs for my story. I have a theme for my MC and love songs and songs for certain scenes.

I was listening to my playlist the other night and realized POV 2 has a lot more songs than the MC. Ha! It’s becoming more apparent all the time that POV 2 should be the MC.

I think I’ve posted my playlist before, but here are some of my songs for inspiration:

Left Me For Dead by Rob Dougan
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday
Numb by Linkin Park
Love’s To Blame by for King and Country
Missing by for King and Country
Hide by Red
Beautiful Things by Gungor
Say Something by A Great Big World
Hurt by Johnny Cash

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