Some Astonishing Realizations

Since I’ve been having such a challenging time writing the beginning of the story, I decided to write the ending and see if that helped.

It did.

Here are some of the realizations that cleared things up:

1) Two of my characters who were never supposed to like each other actually do like each other. It’s surprisingly natural
2) POV 2 who was supposed to still be a bad guy is not actually a bad guy. Yay!!
3) POV 2 has a more compelling arc than the MC
4) POV 2 has a more complete arc than the MC
5) Oh my goodness!! POV 2 should be the MC!!!

So, commence another rewrite—Draftset 7 I think?—completely changing who the main character has been for the entire other 29 or so drafts I’ve written. 🙂

As a sidenote, I originally created POV 2 to be a bad guy because I had this other character whom I really, really liked and didn’t want to be a bad guy. Well, after writing that other character, I don’t actually like him a whole lot. XP And now, POV 2 is taking over the story. 🙂

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