Edit Out What? #WIPJoy 15

#WIPJoy Day 15 I’d never edit ____ out of my WIP!

I actually don’t know how to answer this as I have already edited out several things I was sure I wouldn’t. The things that for sure wouldn’t go would be the seven or so key characters, the transformation to superhumans, and the aliens, though they wouldn’t have to be aliens if they needed to be something else (I’ve toyed with that). I would rather not edit out the telepathy.

The hardest thing I had to edit out is Derek’s childhood friends. They’ve dropped out of the story one by one until you’d think he never had a friend until he joined the military. 😦 I love all his friends so much. I was especially to sad to cut the entire family Derek’s family is friends with. They were a pretty big family, though, so I can see how it was confusing. 🙂

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