Meet the Characters! #WIPJoy 8

This will be a fun week because who doesn’t love to talk about their characters?! 🙂

#WIPJoy Day 8 Introduce the MC (share a pic!)

I have two MCs: Derek and Travis.

Travis Parker

Travis is a rogue freedom fighter who likes to impress people with his amazing shooting and fighting skills but who rarely opens up to anyone. He’s been abandoned by nearly everyone he loved. All he wants is a friend who won’t leave him.

Derek King

Derek wants to prove to himself and to everyone else that he isn’t just a failure. The only time he’s felt remotely successful was when he faced down a spacer so that a stranger could escape. He joins the military so he can feel that power again. He has a distinct inner compass for right and wrong, and he’ll do what he believes is right even if it means going against orders.

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