Breathing Room

I just wrote a breathing room scene. I’ve been surprised at how non-stop my WIP has been. If I’m tired from all the action, the characters and readers must be as well. So I wrote a breathing room scene. It should have been a pleasure to write. My MC went home to spend time with his family. He tossed his little sister, helped his mom in the kitchen, played ball with his brothers, and talked with his dad. I may have to cut some of it out, but for now, I just wrote.

However, I had a hard time not crying. It actually hurt to write this scene. Why? Because I know things the characters don’t. I know that was the last time the whole family would be together. Some are captured. Some are killed. Some grow bitter. I know this is the last moment the MC has to relax and enjoy himself for a long, long time. After this, things get crazy. And painful.

Sometimes, I feel so bad for the things my characters go through. When my MC’s mom said she was thankful the whole family was safe and together, I nearly lost it. They won’t be for long. So breathe, characters. Breathe.

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