Three Different Characters

I am having so much fun writing! I was nervous because this story is mainly the interactions between three guys, all of whom are soldiers. None of them are real emotional or open. When I put them in a room together, my initial desire is to have them all talk things out, but they wouldn’t. There would be lots of awkward silences. šŸ™‚ I really want their interactions to be authentic. Once I got going though, I’m having a blast. It’s fun how different they are.

One has been through a lot of trauma so realistically would be suffering from PTSD. That made me nervous because my original vision of him was as a strong, save-the-day kind of guy. Writing him is actually coming a lot more natural than I expected.

My main POV has a lot of internal thoughts and is the most outwardly emotional of the three. He has a desire to protect and care for others, but I don’t always get that across right. He cares about others but doesn’t come out and say that. Usually he just beats up whoever is threatening them. šŸ™‚ I think the first conversation between him and the trauma character went really well. He was caring but not gushy.

Then I started writing from my secondary POV character. He has a heart but it’s buried. He has no patience for weakness or incompetence. He doesn’t step softly around the trauma character, which actually made me chuckle when I was writing him. Whereas my primary POV would have not said anything or asked if the trauma character was okay, this guy just called him out for not doing things right.

They are all so different. I kept putting off writing because I was afraid of messing things up. It’s amazing how everything is just flowing. I’m having so much fun I want everyone to read what I’m writing. This is how writing should be. I should love my story so much and write it so well that I can’t wait for others to read it. Praise God for the return of creativity!!

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