STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson

I finally made it to the library this week. I now have a shelf full of research books. I just finished STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson and have now started in on BAND OF BROTHERS by Stephen E. Ambrose. While the prologue of STEELHEART was too violent, I really enjoyed the book and got some great ideas for how to handle my own male protagonists.

Things I paid special attention to were the MC’s emotions and internal monologue. It was so refreshing to read a book that wasn’t overly emotional! Sanderson did a great job of showing what the MC was experiencing without overloading the reader. Not once did I roll my eyes and think, “Get over it!” (something that often happens when I read current YA with female protagonists). I also thought Sanderson handled the MC’s crush really well. It was enough for me to tell the MC was attracted, but it wasn’t vulgar or gross.

I also liked the way Sanderson transitioned when a length of time had passed. He didn’t go into a long flashback of everything that had happened over the intervening week. He just said things like, “It had been five days” and then went on with whatever was happening in the moment.

One thing  I was particularly jealous of was all the detail regarding firearms. I don’t know if Sanderson has ever fired a gun, but he sure sounded as though he had! A couple of my characters are supposed to be good with guns, but they sound especially stupid when compared to Sanderson’s characters. I really enjoyed that aspect.

So, if you like superheroes and post-apocalyptic type cultures and can get through the violent prologue, I’d recommend it.

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