The Unmentionable First Draft

I think I’ve mentioned before how I typically do my rough and first drafts in my head before I ever put anything on paper. This makes my first paper drafts much smoother than the ones of many writers I’ve spoken with. Well, for the first time in my life, the mental draft isn’t working. This story is one I’ve had bouncing around for years. I even have a few drafts from before I got my MFA. The problem I’m faced with is breaking away from the events of that early draft and discovering what the story needs to be.

I have finally given myself permission to write a throw-away first draft (also called something less polite 😉 ). I’ve never done this before! I’ve never written out of chronological order. I’ve never written scenes that will probably be thrown away. I’ve never written just to explore the story, but that’s what I’m doing now. I have to say, it’s a lot more enjoyable than I expected and, instead of being terrified, I’m actually looking forward to the revision process. Yay!!

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