Stuck pulling teeth

I am stuck. In three places at once. Part II is where I’ve been doing most of my writing. I’m at an entire sequence of battle scenes, and I hate writing battles scenes. I have written one good battle scene in my life, and when I went back to look at it, I thought, “I wrote this?” There was some divine inspiration on that one. I have been arranging and rearranging the order of battles. I’m about to give up. Sigh.

To give myself a break, I started rough drafting Part III. :::bangs head on table::: WHY IS THIS SO HARD?? I think I’ve decided on using a third POV character. I had to figure out his motivation as well as the motivation for my MC. That helped. The plot at least is moving along, but the writing is horrendous. I’m afraid of what revising will be like.

And then, in Part I, which I was pretty well done with, I finally have some chapter-by-chapter specific feedback from people who don’t know the story at all. Now I am heavily debating revisions of Chapters 3-5 and what that would look like, whether it’s necessary, etc.

Writing used to be easy. I mean, it was hard work, but it flowed. For the past three years, writing has been like pulling teeth. I’m not sure what I need to do differently . . .

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