Query!! (the longer version)

I am officially in the business of getting published. I don’t say trying to get published because I am confident that at some point (it might take awhile), I will be published. 😀 Last Friday, I sent my first query to an agent. I had thought I would be obsessive about checking my email and that I would be worrying every second of every day. Especially because the agent sounds like a really good match. To my surprise, I’m pretty calm. Maybe it’s because I don’t know of anyone who signed with the first agent they queried. I am checking my email every day, just in case.

And I know, I should be submitting to multiple agents. I will. I just have to research some more first. I am so very, very happy about having a decent query that I just had to send it off right away. I hope the query and first pages will touch someone because (of course, I’m biased), I think it’s a really good story that needs to be told. Obviously, or I wouldn’t have written it. But it isn’t just fun. It’s compelling. It makes me cry. And laugh. And that’s after 25 drafts. That says something, doesn’t it?

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