The Chapter That Ruined Everything

So I got through all the major revisions of the Epic Novel Part I. I’ve been doing one of the last read throughs checking for flow. Everything was going really well. A sentence here and there needed tweaking, but overall, the story works.

And then, I came to Chapter Eighteen. (da da DA!) I would really like to just forget about that chapter and its problems.

A) For the first time, the captured spies are mentioned. While not major characters, they are somewhat pivotal plot points.

B) For the first time, the enemy general is mentioned by name. He is pivotal to the plot and is a major character.

C) A critical conflict between the two POV characters is suddenly and unexpectedly centerstage after being mentioned only once in passing several chapters earlier.

Noooooo!!! I thought I was done with major revisions!

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