Soundtrack to Writing

Often, I must write in silence. However, being by myself a lot, I need a little noise now and again. I will put on some background music when I’m revising, editing, or researching. Most often, I’ll put on my coffeeshop playlist (and sometimes make a mock latte to go with it 🙂 ). It contains things like classic rock, U2, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and random singles that make me think calm creative atmosphere (“Iris,” “Collide”). Basically anything I own that you might hear at Starbuck’s.

The music I find most inspiring is rock. Although, that genre is hard to define, and I like mainly one particular style. I put on things like Linkin Park, Blue October, Evanesence, RED, and a few random songs. I usually can’t listen to it while I’m writing, but I’ll put it on when I’m thinking.

The funny thing? Classical music has a higher tendency to influence and distract me. Unless a particular piece conveys the feeling of the scene I’m writing, I wait to put on classical until I’m reading or sketching or something. It’s just too smart!

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