Beautiful Story

I’ve been watching episodes of Gargoyles while I eat my lunch. Who else thinks that is one of the best cartoons ever created? This week, I watched the four episodes in “City of Stone.” Four episodes equals almost two hours which equals movie length story. As a kid, I wasn’t too interested in that story. Now, as I finished the fourth episode, all I could think was, “What a beautiful story.”

The episodes tell the backstory of Demona, the female gargoyle villain, intertwined with the story of MacBeth. I had to sit and ponder what made the story so moving for me. *spoiler alert* Throughout the story, Demona makes choice after choice based on her anger at humans. Every choice leads to more and more trouble for gargoyles until eventually, Demona is the only gargoyle left. The good guys have to get a computer code from Demona to save Manhattan. Under a spell, Demona tells them the code is “alone.”

I think what broke my heart about the story was that if Demona hadn’t made choices based on anger, she wouldn’t have wound up alone. Stories I find compelling often involve characters’ complicated motivations. This is one reason I love some of the villains in my story. I know how they wound up where they are, and it’s tragic. It didn’t have to be that way.

I don’t know that this post exactly has a point unless it’s that I finally am able to put into words why I find some stories so compelling.

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