While I write Part II and while Part I sits with various readers (go readers!), I’ve been doing some research. I believe my mom (go Mom!) is the one who gave me the link to the Query Shark blog. Since I have very little idea how to write a query, I’ve been reading the archives.


From what I’ve seen, a perfect query is impossible. But the two queries the query shark labeled “winners” weren’t written up to the query shark’s usual standards, so maybe one doesn’t have to be perfect. And I had something cleared up that was confusing me to no end. According to the query shark, a query does not reveal the ending and is not a synopsis. Okay, that’s what I was thinking, but I was conflicted after all the synopsis writing advice.

So, of course, last night my dreams were haunted by queries and writing queries and being rejected because of queries. But in my dream, the query shark told me my title was steller, so that’s good. 😉

Happy Writing!

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