Characters that Resonate

I have a short list of all time favorite fictional characters. This is different than regular favorite characters. A regular favorite character is someone who is fun or maybe makes me think of me. An all-time favorite is a character who makes me thinks, “that character is a work of art.” An all-time favorite is a character who moves me.

I only started this list recently when I was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Prince Zuko starts out my list. What I liked about him was the struggle. He had a deep, internal struggle. I never was sure what he would choose, so I really invested in his character.

When I started thinking about it, I realized that another all-time favorite is the villain Ecliptor from (don’t laugh) Power Rangers in Space. He was a villain, very devious and everything, but he had this sense of honor. Even though he was evil, he still cared for Astronema. I love villains with honor.

Then, last night, I think I added Tom Paris from Voyager to my list. Voyager is my favorite Star Trek series, so I pretty much love all of the characters (except maybe Kes . . .). However, Tom Paris–even though he supposedly is this rogue–is the only character to consistently show character, even when he’s been brainwashed. He may play games and be goofy and a prankster, but when it comes down to it, he has heart.

Discussing this list with my sister, I began to analyze the similarities between these characters. I realized some of the things that really resonate with me: an deep real struggle within,  a sense of honor or heart even if it’s twisted, and the unsurety of the outcome. No wonder my favorite characters in my WIP are the ones who struggle! Those characters resonate.

Do you have any all-time favorite fictional characters? Who are they and why?

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