Running Commentary

Who else wants to include a commentary to every scene of their story? Things like, “Here’s what’s really going on.” and “That character is actually thinking this.” I want to do that all the time. I get so excited about background stuff and hidden emotions that I want to let the reader know.

This desire for extra commentary is what led to my choosing the second POV character for Book One. When I first began writing the book (oh so long ago!), I was extremely focused on surprising the reader. I wanted the reader to be shocked by this character’s actions. I went to great lengths to tuck vital information in out of the way places that the reader wouldn’t notice.

But at times, I would want to cry at the depth of the character’s emotions. The fact that the reader would never know just what he was thinking in this highly emotional scene made me so sad. Eventually, I realized that the reader’s being surprised by the character’s actions wasn’t as important as the reader’s understanding the character’s motivations. So I threw the shock factor out the window and set out to tell the story from his POV.

I think it might work, too. After I explained the character’s motivations to my husband, he looked thoughtful a moment and said, “I don’t hate him anymore.” Yay!!! I really want my readers to understand my characters and not to hate them. 😀

Happy Writing!

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