Freewriting Together

Last week was one of the most fun freewriting groups I’ve ever had! We laughed so much—well, I did anyway. I also received a great compliment: “I don’t think anything you’ve written wasn’t golden.” So that made my day. 😀 Of course, the response to the next freewrite was a look of horror, but even that was a kind of compliment. I may post here sometime what those freewrites were, but I’m too tired to type right now.

Our prompts were interactive. Here’s one to try. Get together with a couple other people. One of you come up with a setting/place, another come up with an atmosphere/mood, and another come up with characters. Then go! We surprisingly came up with matching elements (a dock at a lake with a storm brewing and a grandfather, granddaughter, and a fisherman), but all of our results were quite different.

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