Let the Critiques Begin!

So, last Sunday, I attended my FIRST EVER CRITIQUE GROUP!! Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuh. It went incredibly well. I was all set to watch the clock to make sure everybody got their time in the spotlight, but we didn’t need it. I learned new things about picture books and folktales. I am clueless about picture books, so I always enjoy learning more.

I also sent the (current) first two chapters of The Epic Novel. I got the most nondisruptive feedback ever. (Meaning revision rather than complete rewrite is in order. Yay!) Feedback received:

Good opening paragraph (thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I worked so hard on it!)
Good allusions to world and character history
But a little more explanation of the world
More background on MC–where is he from?

One my critique partners asked for a map and (gulp) a prologue. :::slaps face::: I’m hoping it’s just ‘cause she doesn’t usually read sci-fi and fantasy. I’ll try to solidify the world a little better.

And apparently I use the word “that” too much.

Now I have one week to revise the next chapter or two. Panic time.

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