As I sat at the dining table reviewing the printout of my current draft, my niece sat down and began reading the pages I had already gone over. She is a speed reader, let me tell you, and read faster than I could revise. When she got to the end, I looked up and hopefully asked, “What do you think?”

About the best answer an author could look for was the response: “It’s awesomeful.”

Pink-cheeked smile!

I decided to dig deeper (she reads a lot and is quite intelligent). I asked her for more detailed feedback. Her response?

Well, she wanted more description at the beginning so she would know more solidly where she was, some of the sentences were a bit choppy, and some of the characters needed rounding out.

Big huge grin! Wow, what a reader! Helpful and encouraging and the age I’m targeting! Woo woo!

P.S. Her comments, while phrased differently, were almost exactly what the agent commented on when she read the first few pages. I have a smart niece. 😉

Happy Writing!

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