They’re Forbidden for a Reason

At the conference, the agent who critiqued my manuscript told me to scrap the prologue (she was very nice about it). :::kicks feet::: Yes, I knew prologues were forbidden when I wrote it . . .

My problem isn’t so much prologues. It’s world-building. How on earth do I convey all the necessary world-building information so the reader is solidly placed in my world while connecting the reader with my MC and his desire line and simultaneously introducing the plot?

Okay, well, I guess my mentors would tell me connecting with the MC is more important than introducing the plot. The problem is, I didn’t like any of those beginnings.

The agent also recommended I cut out some of the description (that I worked so hard to include!!) and make sure the descriptions are from the MC’s POV. So, I have a problem with voice. And characters. :::sigh::: This writing stuff is hard . . .

Happy Writing!

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