I just met with a group of local kid’s writers to discuss starting a critique group. Theme of the meeting: we work better with deadlines.

I think I mentioned how I used the SCBWI conference as a deadline for me. That worked really well! I gave myself a new deadline of the end of October to finish the next part. Well, I’ve actually been doing so well that I upped my deadline to this evening. (I’ll make it if my arms hold out!)

If you have trouble making yourself sit down to write, give yourself a deadline. Don’t make it crazy unless you work well that way. Be realistic, but don’t be wishy-washy. If self-imposed deadlines don’t work, find a friend to keep you accountable.

I have a new deadline for my entire novel. My niece told me she wants a signed, published copy on her fourteenth birthday, which gives me just under two years. Since books often take that long to reach shelves after being accepted for publication, I’d better get cracking! After all, who wants to disappoint a niece?

Happy Writing!

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