We Are Storytellers

The editor at the conference I just attended was Andrew Karre with the Carolrhoda imprint of Lerner Publishing. His talk was called “About not For” and turned out to be a topic I’m quite passionate about. I’ve met many writers who seem to be writing for fame and fortune (where they expect to find it, I’m not sure . . .). They’ve lost sight–or maybe they never had it–of the story. They get so focused on catching their audience’s next craze, they miss what their stories are about.

While keeping your audience in mind is good for things like age appropriateness, we can get too focused on things like that. First and foremost, I’m a storyteller. I’m here to tell a story. Hopefully, someone else will like it, too, but if not, I’ll keep writing anyway.

Sometimes, you should forget audience, craft, marketing and just tell your story.

Happy Writing!

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