We’re All Just People–Who Knew?

I’ve always been told that writing conferences are great for networking. They sure are great for meeting people! For a year now, I’ve been just about going crazy without other children’s writers with whom I could interact. I actually met four other SCBWI members in the area, and a few of us are going to get a critique group going. I cannot tell you how happy I am! I love my freewriters group (it’s how I met my local best friend, after all), but my story needs critique. I think I may need to search out a critique partner who will do the whole novel with me.

But I stray from my point. I also met an agent; a fellow VCFA alumna; got to catch up with a VCFA classmate; and had conversations with numerous other interesting and local people.

One of the things that struck me the most was how everyone there was just a person. I think I had got in my mind somehow that editors and agents were these big, bad larger than life mythological creatures who sat at desks smoking cigars (okay, maybe not smoking cigars) and struck down the burgeoning young author with merciless blows.

Intellectually, I knew that wasn’t the case, but seeing first hand how normal writing/publishing people are was nice. One thing that did surprise me was how passionate the editor and agent were. I hope everyone who works with my story are as passionate as they were!

Happy Writing!

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