Making a Language

Last night, I sent a text to my linguist/writer friend:
“Argh! How do you make a language?????”

This is the response I received:
“Making a language is rediculously hard. That’s why I never finished mine. :-)”


Well, I have to try (after all, Tolkien never finished his, did he?). I’ve checked out some language grammar books (mostly Germanic) and have let my pen flow as I write in my language (ML). This morning, I thought I would try to write a journal entry in ML to see if I had the grammar down. Unfortunately, all I could think in was Spanish. I got as far as “Good morning. I’m practicing” in ML. What came out next was “a escribir en ML. Quiero a leer ML. Ah!!! Espanol es in the way!!!”

Ironically, whenever I try to speak Spanish, I accidently throw in vocab words from my language. . . .

P.S. (I couldn’t think of a better word than “ironically.” Don’t hate me; you know what I meant.)

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