The One-Word Title

The trend these days is for some catchy, one-word title. I’m trying to find a decent working title for Epic Novel Book 1 (I don’t think Epic Novel Book 1 will encourage editors to pull my manuscript from the bottom of the slush pile). I’ve come up with about as many titles as opening chapters (which is currently at 23 and counting). I’m not a huge fan of the one-word title because it’s sooooo trendy. What happens twenty years from now? Will my book be just another one-word title with a wrinkled paperback cover gathering dust on the back shelf of the children’s room at a second-hand bookstore? (which would be okay as long it was also shiny and new on the shelf of my local indy bookstore 😉 )

So, here’s my against the trend title:

Two Young Men Become Best Friends Who Hate Each Other

How’s that?

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