Different Parts of the Brain

Writing on paper really is different than writing on the computer. It uses a completely different part of my brain. When I realized I needed to back up a scene before starting the book (opening scene number twenty-three), I pushed the computer aside in favor of my pencil and notebook paper. It’s amazing how much better the words flowed. I immediately took that scene and typed it into the computer, revising as I went. Starting with the computer wouldn’t have worked for me.

So here’s your challenge: If you usually type your manuscripts straight onto the computer, turn the computer off for a little. Take out a pencil and a piece of notebook paper or pad and write something. See if you can tell the difference. Alternatively, if you usually handwrite, try typing something straight onto the computer (don’t forget to save and back up!) or use a pen instead of a pencil. See what happens!

Happy Writing!

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