Take 22 . . . (snap!)

The Great Splice has been officially rejected in favor of a completely new draft. I have counted, and since I began writing this story over ten years ago, I have written the opening twenty-two different times. I don’t mean different drafts–I mean completely different opening scenes. Each of those scenes had an iteration or two of revisions. I have begun with prologues, I have begun with intense action scenes, I have begun with mundane every day life. Here’s a list!

Prologue–Have you ever heard the story . . .
Walking the cute girl home
Prologue–choosing the superheroes
Road Trip
Prologue–Eleven years ago, this happened . . .
Proposing a Road Trip
High school Graduation
Prologue–In an attic, I found this journal . . . .
If you could have one wish, what would it be?
Train Ride
Prologue–His parents wouldn’t be coming home . . .
Camping Trip
Rescue Attempt
Academic Probation
Declaration of War
Wait, wait, I just got into the story and now I’m being attacked!
Prologue–OH MY GOODNESS RUN!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I’ll join the military . . .

Happy Writing!

2 Comments on “Take 22 . . . (snap!)”

  1. i have a draft of an older YA story where the first and second chapters have been battling each other for the opening slot. each is strong, and essential, and they don’t work as a single chapter. i’m not at the point where i’m ready to send it out, but i’m worried about the day i’m going to have to choose between the two darlings.

    and no, these aren’t darlings that can be killed.

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