Splice Progression

I am trying to meld three different drafts of my story into a seamless fourth draft. I can’t keep it straight in my head. O_O I can’t tell you how many different word documents I have on my computer with titles such as “Putting It Together,” “Overhaul,” “I Need Somebody HELP,” and “Draft 5-gazillion-and-forty-two.”

In attempting to splice my three drafts together, I sometimes find the progression of drafts amusing. The military was entirely too tame in my earliest drafts. The following openings are all from my MC’s first morning in the military.

Original draft:
A soft rapping roused Sander on Monday morning.
“Sander,” someone called. “You should be up already.”

New Draft One:
Lights flashed into Sander’s sleep, yanking him violently from the moment of dreams. Opening his eyes, he saw Leo in the doorway. “Time to rise, recruits! You have twenty minutes to suit up in full combat gear and make yourselves presentable before breakfast.”

New Draft Two:
Light blinded Sander’s closed eyes.
“Up, you lazies!”

He he, up you lazies. I think I’m getting meaner. 🙂

Happy Writing!

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