New Plan

After restarting Book One a half dozen times in the past nine months as well as completely rewriting section one two and a half times, I was beginning to despair. (Sometimes, Anne of Green Gables’ melodramatic description of being “in the depths of despair” seems completely appropriate. . . .)

I reinvigorated my urge to write by giving myself deadline. I will be attending my first ever writing conference this fall. I have been told that writing conferences are the way to meet people, make connections, and network. In short, writing conferences are the way to become published. As such, having something with you to show agents, editors, and publishers is key.

Well, part of me seriously doubts the wisdom of showing anyone my story in its current condition, but I need a deadline/motivation. Therefore, my new plan is to have the opening three chapters of Book One in decent, semi-polished state by two weeks or so before the conference. I also need a brief (key: brief) synopsis of Book One (problem–how much of the story does Book One cover? :-\), some business cards, and an up and running website wouldn’t hurt either (which I have done since originally writing this post). Oh, and of course a cute writerly outfit (of course).

Enough procrastination! On to complete new goal!

Happy Writing!

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